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Notice of price revision (HCA)

The selling price of our product “HCA” has been revised as follows.

Background of Price Revision

Basic chemicals, the main raw material for our “HCA” product, have been affected by the recent sharp rise in crude oil prices. In addition, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is expected to further increase the price of crude oil. 
We have been making efforts to reduce our own costs, but under these circumstances, we have no choice but to accept price revisions by our raw material suppliers, and the situation has exceeded the limits of our self-help efforts. In order to manufacture and supply our product “HCA”, we are reluctantly asking for the cooperation of our suppliers. 
Therefore, we would appreciate your understanding and cooperation in the following price revision. 

Applicable products

HCA series

Revision range

+135 yen/kg 

Effective date

From shipments on July 1, 2022